lol grammar

Help me settle this, would proper English be:

1. Life's too short TO not...

2. Life's too short not TO...

Yes I'm drunk, and yes this is important, I wouldn't have asked you guys otherwise

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  • Depends how bold you want to be with your split infinitives. I know I could probably never pull it off

  • The phrasing is awkward as is. The 'to not' is a negative that, I assume, will set up a positive i.e. "Life's too short not to follow your dreams."

    "To not follow" as deezy said is a split infinitive, which isn't necessarily incorrect if it's done for style, such as the famous example "to boldly go...", but you're not gaining any extra information with yours.

    A better way to say it would be "Life's too short to give up on your dreams" or, even better, "Life's too short for giving up on your dreams".

    Any combination of words after what you wrote would be like "not to follow your heart" but if you flip the message around it usually sounds more profound, "Life's too short to ignore your heart". This is an affirmative statement now. If you took that preamble away the thought would be "Follow your heart" not "Don't ignore your heart" because the structure has changed and to keep it from being phrased in a negative syntax, you have to reorganise the information. - Edited

  • much appreciated gents

  • "When I split an infinitive, God damn it, I split it so it will stay split."

  • Which is correct?
    Monster Trucks IS going to make over $12 million this weekend.
    Monster Trucks ARE going to make over $12 million this weekend.

    The answer:
    Neither. The movie won't make that much.

  • You might be regretting that statement BDC...

  • That's interesting for sure.

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