There are two types of people in this world ...

those that going MTx7, and complete wussies.
(I reserve the right to become a complete wussy after Thursday numbers roll in ... )

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  • No Thursday previews for MT. Even the studio knows it's a pile of trash.

  • well crap. Also, Norm of the North made 9M opening weekend, and Nut Job made 19M. I try not to overestimate the discriminatory nature of parents against taking their brats to terrible movies.
    But if BOR is right and HF goes for 24+, it's a non-issue anyway, but if it pulls in 21-22, then MT only needs 12ish ... Also, a Sing Moana studio is looming if they drop less than 10 percent each and HF finishes around 21, but I don't like to think too hard. MTx7 allows me not to think. I like that.

  • Here's what I keep thinking about with Monster Trucks...parents aren't taking small children to that trash and sitting in that theater.

    We're OK with things like Zootopia and Moana and Trolls and Sing because they're fun and we can enjoy them, too. It's a lot of money for a family and if we're going to be held captive watching a children's movie, we should at least be entertained. Monster Trucks looks like they're trying to do a Sharknado concept on the big screen, which is not enticing.

    Now, if a kid is old enough to be dropped off and meet up with his friends to watch a movie sans parents... do you think they are really going to see Monster Trucks, or are they more likely to meet up with classmates of the female variety and watch Bye Bye Man as a group?

  • I have two early teenagers and they both think MT looks funny and want to see it. They say their friends think the same. The Nick crowd is bigger than you might think. And for the thoughts about parents fighting to NOT go. When you are parents of small children you do what is best for your kids, not what is best for you. Chances are they have already seen Sing and Moana, this is next in line. I am going MTx7. I think this shocks, and gets the bonus.

  • Just throwing it out there but I think the Bye Bye Man grosses more than Monster Trucks this weekend.

  • I am absolutely one of those type of people.

  • @Clockwork is that just a hunch? Because by all accounts it doesn't look like anyone wants to see Bye Bye Man. In fact, he's just a meme at this point

  • @Fast --

    For the most part it's just a hunch. I'm sure I'm bias too because I like horror movies but I just haven't seen anything on Monster Trucks anywhere. Maybe I'm not their target audience but I've seen a lot more advertising on Bye Bye Man, even if they are making fun of it, talk about the movie is better than no talk at all.

  • Clockwork, am guessing you don't have kids? That would be reason to not see advertising due to it being on kids channels. No you are not the target audience. I do not like horror, but have seen the Bye Bye trailers and it just looks like a remake of other stupid concepts for horror. If I were a horror fan I would wait for Split.

  • I agree with that sentiment. It's a bad metric but there's basically no comments on the Bye Bye Man trailer thread in r/movies. The one thing it has going for it is the lack of horror for a while, but it's not like teens are DYING to see what looks like a below average effort

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