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  • Haven't been able to put the numbers in the calculator but does this put the 4x Hidden Figures 4x Blank the PC?

  • Nope. See FMLNerd's recent post comparing estimates to the lineup calculator.

  • Buf if HF goes up only a few hundred K, we are looking at a 4x blank PC. Nuts.

  • I'll take the field every time against 4 blank screen. If somehow that would happen. How many people would even have that.

  • Well, if HF gets the bonus and you go 4x, the bonus just negates the penalty so you're looking at raw box office (106M). I think this number is high though, and I expect something more along the lines of 21M so that would net 84M if it still takes the bonus. An optimist would go with 4xHF.

    Problem with that line up is for every .5M below that estimate you lose 2M total, so a drop of 2M would cost you 8M

  • I do think it's too risky of a play I just thought I had calculated anything over 24.9mil for HF and all other films staying under 100k/bux would put the 4x play as the PC.

    I still think that even at 22mil that the 3x HF is going to be the PC anchor

  • I don't understand why La La Land isn't more in the equation. It has doubled its theatres where I live and with the big win at the GG, don't you think it's going to blow up this weekend?

  • 14.5 as BOR has LLL is already a nice number. The movie has been out for a bit now, and the theatre rush won't be what it was like at Christmas. I don't think LLL goes any more than for 15mil. And about HF.

    If HF gets 22mil, very reasonable, it's performance is at 91.3k/bux. At 14.5, LLL is at 91.2k/bux. I really don't think HF is the runaway this week as something should hit the 100k mark. Beware of banking on HF as the BP.

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