Not that we listed to Pro Box Office

With some heavy trolling here:

If we can think of any, we'll get back to you.

Guess which film?

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  • I'm going to guess Live by Night here. It doesn't go that low, but it's downward trend as of late is pretty alarming

  • Monster Trucks!

  • Apparently they either think Moana is going to make less than Silence or they just forgot it. Either way, it doesn't make PBO look very Pro.

  • They're doing pretty bad in the Prediction Competition, save for the new releases

  • I think Moana will take a big hit in the theatre count.

    New releases and expansions are entering 13,191 (sic) theatres this weekend. Since Underworld isn't dropping any of its 3070 theatres, that leaves smaller pics.

    Moana has three family films, with Sing, A Monster Calls (not sure if it has to hold it's theatre count or not) and Monster Trucks, to compete with. I can see Fences having a decent hold due to MLK weekend. That leaves Moana, Passengers, Why Him?, Assassin's Creed, Manchester (-337) and Fantastic Beasts to take the hit. With Moana finally coming down to earth, I expect it to take a fairly substantial drop. Wouldn't surprise me to see Moana drop as much as 1000. - Edited

  • The summary PBO includes above notes the "Top 10 films," but includes 11, w/ Silence as the 11th. My guess is their main customers (theater managers) likely have more need for a demand estimate for Silence than Moana. I would assume they actually do have Moana (and Fences, for that matter) ahead of Silence, but those two likely have a far smaller effect on theater staffing than Silence, which I would guess is playing in more specialty locations.

    In other words... LEAVE PBO ALONE!

  • Wow actually read the write-up - PBO really mailing it in this week:

    "Boxoffice Pro projects the top 10 films this weekend will earn a cumulative _____ million over the 4-day weekend. That's _____ percent ABOVE/BELOW the ____ million earned by the top 10 on the 4-day Martin Luther King Day weekend of last year. That's also ____ percent ABOVE/BELOW the _____ million earned by the top 10 films last weekend, although it's an apples to oranges comparison since last weekend was only a 3-day."

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