Post for people that enjoy things

You enjoy things. Well so do I. We saw today and yesterday people that hate things for dumb reasons. So here's a post for people that look on the bright side of things. FML is great (also La La Land, also BvS, maybe?).



P.S. What things do you enjoy? - Edited

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  • I love... lamp.

  • According to those at FML, I enjoy nothing. And I'd tend to agree. Though there is one thing that I really hope all FML members can enjoy, is that there are few things which can provide the ample injection of joy as watching a small child fall off their bike and scream bloody murder at their scraped knee. - Edited

  • No, Ingy, you like cats. We're onto you now.

  • Yeah, you know who else likes cats? Satanists and witches.

  • Dogs ftw!

  • I go back and forth. Right now I like my cats better. Ask me again next summer when:

    A) I don't have to walk my dog in subzero weather
    B) I don't need to deal with finding a vacation dog sitter

  • I love ice cream sandwiches and FML username puns and I thought Passengers was actually a pretty okay movie.

    I also love rubber cement (it comes off of things so easy!), and I think Rodney Strong's Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent and likeable wine with or without food.

  • I like grilled cheese sandwiches

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