Am I insane...

Contemplating this...

1 UW


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  • I mean, if you think it takes bonus...

    It's the same thing for Monster Trucks. It could do 15M and win you the season. It could do 3-5M and end your season right here.

  • Thats an interestingly play if it works out could land you in top 500..if it doesnt it probably drop you to 2000th or more? Tough call
    Also per some of the chatter..this would probably be a no brainer to play if it was the only horror film..but we also have split coming out..and does the horror crowd want to see both so close to each other or are they going to skip bye bye man in favor of split..that's also tough to figure out because im not a fan of horror - Edited

  • Youre right, I forgot about SPLIT...I am not a horror fan either...I am sure I will have a clearer picture after Thursday numbers are out... or not.

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