Who do I have to hug.....

to get a g*d d*mn pro forecast around here????


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  • How about a forecast from a self proclaimed "Apex Predator?!?" Will that work for ya?

    Here you go -

    The PC this weekend will NOT be made up by a 7x anchor.

  • hmmm I was hoping for something more.....specific. My extremely intricate FML spreadsheet is staring at me like a baby bird waiting for worms.

  • Just checked the main sites and none of them have any predictions set up yet.

    Has a week of FML ever gone by with no pro forecasts? If that were to occur this week...

    EDIT: Check Insider. Just missed the obvious link for Todd's predictions. - Edited

  • Where is BOR??

  • Here's a guide to estimation:

    1. Take the price of each movie, divide by 10.
    2. Take that number, and multiply each by 1 million.
    3. You now have estimates!

    Good luck getting that Best Performer!

  • @It's a Theatre, by that method did you predict Rogue to make $50.1 million last week?

  • Absolutely that's why I didn't play it

  • BOR is at Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite until a few more hours :)

  • I think I am missing something in your analysis. By that prediction method, you position all the movies at the same value. They will each end up at $100k. Now how do you use your method to differentiate what you pick for your final lineup?

    The issue becomes is that your predictions really aren't predictions from what I see. Otherwise you had A Monster Calls at $10.7 million for a prediction. While I think it is good to maximize your FML bux, a more expensive lineup does not always equate to a better lineup.

    This is what I gather from your method, if you feel I am way off base here I am open to hear it. I just don't think we are referring to "predictions" in the same manner at the moment.

  • So my post was mean to be satirical, and the "Good luck choosing the BP" line was the joke because by my method everything ends up at the same rate.

    I'm glad we covered ground today lol

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