Worst Movie of 2016 Bracket!!


I thought since we did a best of 2016 bracket last last year, that I'd make a worst of 2016 bracket as well! This'll probably be the last one I'll make for a while, as I don't want to clog up the chatter with constant posts about new brackets lol, but I will return to them eventually! But for now, cast your votes for round 1 and pick the WORST movie of the year!

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  • Thanks for putting that together. I forgot about some of the terds that came out last year.

  • BvS is actually a good movie, also some of these got pretty positive reception

    Is this your opinion or did you go by RT scores or something

  • This is the one time I will ever root for BvS to win something (besides Razzies). - Edited

  • BvS is actually a good movie? Maybe if you compare it to Man of Steel or Suicide Squad.

  • You people are the worst

    Go back to loving Deadpool, a movie that says why comic book movies are bad or lazy, while being a lazy comic book movie, and I like Deadpool more than BvS, but come on BvS is a good movie and for sure not the worst movie of the year

  • Squad and MoS stink, but BvS is good

  • BvS has some good elements, namely the story regarding ordinary people's and Congress' reactions to Superman and, more specifically still, their rejection of him. and the opening sequence of Bruce Wayne driving around a crumbling Metropolis.

    but that makes up a relatively small portion of a 2 and a half hour movie. the rest of the film is a mess visually and narratively with poor acting and boring, protracted action sequences that are all noise and no cinematic flair. BvS is a bad movie. maybe not the worst. but it is bad.

  • Ditto ^

  • And, then why do people love Civil War, the one thing everyone remembers is the airport fight, which is tonally very different from the movie

    Or Deadpool where all it does is make fun of comic book movies for all these reasons and then sets out to be why it hates superhero movies, and that middle part of the movie where he's in weaponx is such a dull moment

    I like all 3 of these movies, but I need some consistency

    But yea bring up the martha scene or whatever like people always do. I know no one's mentioned that, but it's such a lame reason to dislike a movie. It's no worse than a fight being resolved by a freaking note after the fight, glad to know the avengers are still buddies

    Sorry that ending makes me mad

  • Steve if you liked BvS that's fine, I to like some pretty bad movies, but you should be willing to admit the truth that is right there in front of you. BvS was bad. - Edited

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