IrRational Numbers for Awards Week 7

So its been months since I did one of these, but when faced with a movie that no one seems to be grasping the correct comp for, I just had to speak up [Disclaimer as always, IrRational Numbers does not claim to based in reality, nor use anything more than 4th grade level math in its calculations and anyone taking it seriously should hand their lineup over to Steve for the remainder of the season]. Now on with the reveal.

No movie better puts the AWARDS in Awards Season than a little movie called Monster Truck. Now I've seen comps coming left and right for this one. Norm this an Norm that... and I cant believe how the obvious comp is missing everyone.

Monster Trucks.... Monster + Trucks.... Or Monsters + Vehicles.... do you see where Im going? Monsters and Vehicles...

Monsters Inc and Cars

There I said it. Monster Trucks is obviously Paramount/Nickelodeon's attempt to leverage the two completely different audiences for Monsters Inc and Cars, each put out by a indie film group called Pixar. Since it's a combo of the two movies, I'm just going to combine their opening weekends of $62.5m and 83m for a total projection of $145.5m which obviously points to a 7xMT cinema as the run away favorite. Man did FML get the pricing wrong on this one.

You are welcome.

Bonus (Look Good, Feel Good edition) Patriots Day should come close to it's 23.5m projection based on the fact that both The Patriot and Patriot Games, averaged $20m openings between the two of them despite not having Mark Wahlberg in them.

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  • You forgot for patriots day its clearly a mishmash of The Patriot and Independence Day which hit 50 mil that movie is probably gonna explode....(poor choice of words?)

  • Welcome back, this was great

  • @astotti dont fall for that story! Also dont believe anyone who tells you that Patriot Day is a sequel to Fever Pitch and Good Will Hunting!

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