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Anyone think The Bye Bye Man has a chance to surprise us this weekend?

There hasn't been a horror movie out for a while so there's no competition. I could see it having a big Thursday number and disappointing but IDK I see advertising everywhere, it has me intrigued that it could get to $13-$15 mil.

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  • Thought this was another I'm leaving thread. But in actuality, this could do ok.

  • @Epic

    That's exactly what I thought this was too

  • It's one that keeps going in and out of my lineup. Of the new releases and expanding films, it seems to be the only one that might be of interest to the teen market except for possibly La La Land.

    I was served well by putting The Forest in this spot last year and this one actually looks like a better movie.

  • Did Ouija 2 not also have 13 cert? Nuff said! Be v surprised if it makes double figs in millions.

  • It did but Oujia 2 was a sequel to a movie no one really liked and was a victim of 2016's sequel fatigue despite its surprisingly good reviews.

  • If you don't feel too confident about playing a "Hidden Fences" lineup (which, for the record, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to steer clear of that lineup), you can do a lot worse than BBM. If you sort through this list and focus only on the January releases...

    I don't think there's a single one on here that went under $10M except Devil's Due, which was rated R. So the precedence is obvious.

    That said, social media numbers are nonexistent and the RT WTS score is something like 82% - pretty much anything under 90% there screams STAY AWAY to me. It's definitely a "pick your narrative" movie based on the data.

  • yes i do

  • "That said, social media numbers are nonexistent"

    Also literally the ONLY social media I've seen about this film is to make fun of it. I've already seen TWO photoshopped posters that say "The Poo Poo Man" & "The Pee Pee Man" going around. People seem to think this is more of a joke movie than any kind of legitimate horror.

  • Haha, "The Poo Poo Man"? Now there's a movie I would pay to see. Sounds like a Happy Madison joint.

  • That is hilarious

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