LA LA Land. The emperor has no clothes on.

OMG!!! I just sat through this overrated piece of crap. I am a fan of musicals. I love the Oscars and I love great films. THIS was bullshit. People were walking out halfway through. I tried to stay with it but I still have no idea what it was about. Was there a plot? I like everyone else in the theater eventually fell asleep.

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  • Didn't know PEOTUS played FML!

  • THAT'S your response??, Really??,

  • Lol DW.

  • I think you might have accidentally been in a sneak preview screening of Monster Truck...

  • **Spoiler Alerts**
    We didn't fall asleep (my best friend, my sister & myself: our regular movie going trio) but we were all disappointed in the movie.
    I'm not even sure what the problem with the film really is, maybe just a disconnect with real emotion, except for the last ten heartbreaking minutes.
    And I love the Oscars, I love musicals & I love great movies as well (as evidenced by the at least two that we see in a theater every single week)!
    Some of the numbers were so much fun & a couple of the songs are very catchy.... but there was definitely something lacking.... Oh well, better luck next time! - Edited

  • Aww it's boring. I'm sorry that iron man didn't come through the screen and have an action scene and beat everyone up

    Seriously, boring is the worst movie complaint if you don't explain why

    The plot was about chasing dreams in L.A.

    But yea since it's winning awards now it's cool to hate it

  • Nvm you didn't specifically say it was boring, but you fell asleep so that must've been why

  • People were not walking out. That doesn't help your story if everyone sat through it. Attention seek much?

  • People did walk out once the credits started rolling. Obviously disgusted with the movie

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