The MEGATHREAD is a handy index of links for the many useful threads in the FML main chatter. I'm at a conference this week, so may be slower to update - any help with links in the comments is much appreciated. It's (possibly) moving week (unless something becomes super obvious by Friday)! The field is littered with potential landmines, so watch your step. TL;DRs remain internal-use only, please ignore.





----(Semi) WEEKLY THREADS----

CCR's Bonus Bar Thread
TL;DR - Bonus bar at a lofty 100k. Tough to get a read on the new releases.

Ari's Bold Predictions
TL;DR - Monster Trucks is in for a monster haul. Others disagree.

M37's Skynet Review Thread
TL;DR - Why not Why Him? Mostly because Hidden Figures was posed to break out last week.

Steve's Spit Take(s)
TL;DR - Monster Trucks - No, just no. Also don't do Patriot's Day. Others disagree.

Hedging with Henry
TL;DR - Henry thinks hedging is good. Others disagree.

TL;DR - Silence is a non-starter. Also Sleepless is a bad idea. Others disagree.

Miraclemet's IrRational Numbers
TL;DR - Basically the best, most mathematically sound advice you're going to get. Others disagree.

No Plex Zone's Pros and Cons
TL;DR - A completely unhelpful guide to the week's choices.

FMLDylan's Power Rankings
TL;DR - Hidden Figures, LLL, Sing, Monster Trucks. Others disagree.

FMLNerd's Pro Forecast Analysis
TL;DR - A new piece that figures out top lineups based on pro forecasts (similar to the old Nerd model)

Phil's Fandango Check
TL;DR - Pretty big disparity between the "haves" and "have-nots" this week.


The Human Cinemapede is done with this
TL;DR - The Human Cinemapede is done with this. This thread has almost 80 comments, so I guess I'll post it, but know that I do it begrudgingly.

Monday Night Competition

Prediction Competition

$0 Cineplex

Guess the closest to #1 Cineplex

Race to the Bottom

FML Brackets: Scorsese - Edited

11 Replies

  • Reserving the top comment for Monster Truck rally purposes only (and to prevent Furiosa from upending the status quo again).

  • Btw that isn't my real spit take, unless it gets played more

  • You added this when I was driving. You bastard!

  • Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.... can't get fooled again!

  • Do you think you could start adding the Brackets to this? I always vote, miss a round, vote, miss 2 rounds etc. Please and Thank you

  • Where are the links for the "I'm done with" threads?

  • @JustJeff - I think the brackets are all the same link... I could add the one link though. I've been mostly avoiding the Insider links since they're already stickied.

    @Theatre - I'm done with "I'm done with" threads. Others disagree. :P

  • Yeah but JPat always posts on the chatter when one goes active.

  • Backseat did to just help without helping? You're good crazy good at this stuff. Didn't realize the brackets were posted on the Insider page til you told me. I only participate when I see them on chat. And now I know....

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