I'm done with this

FML is not fun. Picking the best movies is not the game. Making the most profit in a weekend is not the game. Instead, we get a game of who can log on to the site that analyses everything for you and picks 2 crappy movies to play across all of your screens. I think having a 30 screen theater and trying to pick the best movies to fill it with is the best way to simulate and play a fantasy version of a theater. Picking just the right amount of duplicated screens could be the pay off. Not having too many duplicates and having a good variety could pay off. You could even out perform real local theaters. As it is this game is a twisted, sad version of what this site should be about. Current FML fans enjoy bragging that you read your picks on a site. You've destroyed the fantasy. Say goodbye to the future FML.

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  • This game is wonderful. Especially for fantasy football lover whose love had come to an end for like 8 months. Is the game perfect; not at all. But do they continue to make efforts to make the game better; I like to think so.

  • Can you please post a link to the "site that analysis everything for you", as I am unfamiliar with it.

  • What a cry baby. Someone must have gotten butt hurt! Lol

  • Someone is grumpy that they're 9984th.

  • Don't hate the player, hate the...no no, wait. Hate the player.

  • Or learn how to play the game at least. Lol

  • He's been playing for over a year and it took him that long to figure out that he was unhappy with the game

  • That proposal sounds really easy and therefore kind of boring. Sorry the thrill is gone for you.

    And I'm sorry bud but if the site really analyzed everything for you then....you'd...probably be a bit higher in the standings than you are.

  • Does Groundhog Jay have an alt account?

  • I think it's my alt account

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