FML Brackets - Martin Scorsese

The Elite Eight is set.

With his film "Silence" continuing its rollout (and making its FML debut), this weeks bracket delves into the work of Martin Scorsese.

Cast your votes (voting for the Elite Eight closes Friday at 9:00 am): - Edited

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  • this should be fun. winner should come down to the two obvious choices.

    disappointed No Direction Home was a 15 seed though. that is a great documentary on Bob Dylan.

  • I think Silence is one of his best films, so maybe after everyone's seen it and some time has passed it can be a contender in one of these. No way it gets past Raging Bull tomorrow though.

  • Reminder, due to the late posting voting for the first round of our Martin Scorsese bracket is open until tomorrow at 9:00 am pst.

    Cast your votes:

  • Can't wait to see all his best films lose early so the overrated Goodfellas can win!

  • After Hours with so few votes :/ Makes me sad. I wonder how many of those 177 votes for Shutter Island came from people who have never seen After Hours, which is the superior film.

  • For you.

    Sorry I had to

  • If I had my way After Hours would get through two rounds and then the Mean Streets decision would be heart breaking.

    Seriously, though, Shutter Island is not anywhere near as good as After Hours.

  • i have seen Shutter Island. I have not seen After Hours. i voted for After Hours.

    Goodfellas overrated? ok man.....haha.

  • Goodfellas is a good movie, but it's up on this pedestal which it just doesn't deserve to be on imo. It's just barely in my top ten list of Scorsese films, let alone top ten films period. Give me Casino and Gangs of New York over Goodfellas any day. - Edited

  • Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, Taxi Driver are the top 4 for me. Casino seemed really derivative...almost a copy of Goodfellas.

    the Scorsese i think is a bit underrated is Bringing Out the Dead.

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