The FML variables this week are making my head hurt

Surely it has nothing to do with the six Christmas ales I downed last night.

I know Skynet will play things close to the vest, but I've obtained footage of M37 as he attempts to wrap his motherboard, er...mind...around the variables:

So while Skynet won't talk, how are the rest of you dealing with everything being thrown at us? That list of factors to consider is intimidating:

*Estimating drops for holdovers from a 3-day to a 4-day weekend
*Estimating the impact of many people (especially kids) having multiple weekdays off this week
*Estimating the impact of three new releases opening two days before the FML weekend begins
*Estimating the impact of Christmas Eve and Day falling over the weekend

I'm sure I'm missing several.

So what's your strategy for sorting this all out? - Edited

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  • there are so many variables that this week feels like a crapshoot. there seem to be at least 4 somewhat viable anchors, though each has negatives. and the filler all seems so close together in terms of value there isn't a clear direction there either; seems like there is a good case to be made for several films being the BP.

    i am really not sure how to sort any of this out to make the best decision. too many factors. i played around with the analyzer for a bit already and still don't feel any clarity. i am just gonna go with what my gut says is most likely. which usually doesn't work out.

  • This weekend could look like this for The Resistance!

    The Resistance, trying to hold things together, after the disappointment of the group's love in for La La.....

  • I mean, was it really that disappointing? A lot of the members correctly identified Moana as Non BP filler of choice anyway, so the safety valve worked out

  • We survived. You got lucky.

  • Yeah I really dont look at it like a big failure for the resistance last week, the Pc was barely played and we were within a couple mil of all other lineups

  • Sparty, the most interesting (and possibly irrelevant) one to me is the Fences expansion on Sunday?!?!! We've seen these other situations before (not all combined of course and to a lesser degree than FREAKING Christmas Eve/Christmas on a Sat/Sun. Shalom my non-christian FML'ers). But nothing like a wide expansion halfway through a BO period!!!

  • I can't decide if I want FML to enable video and gif imbedding or not. Right now, I miss out on most of M37's posts because a click is just too much work, and when I do actually click like this time he's posted a video with an ad at the front. The chances of me waiting those few seconds to see what he posted are less than zero...

  • It's a little like politics. You have to think whose supporters are going to actually show up.
    Passengers - maybe
    ACreed - maybe
    Why Him? - possibly
    Sing - oh hell yes.

  • With Sing we'll see the same thing as Moana opening though where too much bleeds out from Wednesday and Thursday. Though Sing is priced much better. Still 6x Creed is tempting

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