Do You Really Have To? Is It Really True?

@thatfirefoxmika · doggywuff9197's Cineplex
Dec 14, 2019, 8:57am PST

Now I watch this show "Last week tonight with John Oliver" and he did a segment on Fantasy Sports. He says it was gambling. Even noted that most people have stats with this sort of thing. They make their own little charts and graphs. "It's a glorified game of numbers for a nerd." he had said. Do I have to make stats and charts and graphs like those people? I saw the introduction video and it he had said that he made stats and charts and stuff with the money and predictions.

I'm freaking out here! I'm not that smart! I go to a school for kids with disabilities! I'm not smart! I'm a senior too and I have to worry about college! My parents don't do anything to help me get a therapist or help me get a job. I wish they would help me with things and not treat me like I'm 5 when I'm 17. They put restrictions on everything and are extremely intrusive! Hell they said I'd die alone and be alone for the rest of my life! So they read all the comments that come here. They do everything for me and when they do, it's things like teaching me how to open a refrigerator! But they don't help me with getting my mental health okay or my college application!

I'm dumb! They call me 'blondie' at school! Thats how dumb I am! (No offence it had been an inside joke in my classes and school) I can't make stats! I dont have time for it!

Do I really have to do it? If I do, I'll have to quit. I'm really sorry Fml people. I know I'm letting you down.

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    You can go the whole maths and stats tour, i know i do. But there are plenty of people who go a lot more by the gut and do comps by he eye. It does help if you are supported by a group like the tesidtance in that case.

    @fourthwall · Fourth Wall
    Dec 15, 2019, 7:35am PST
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    Well, you don't sound dumb. Maybe you just aren't a number person. Read the Chatter and go with your gut.

    @poultry · Poultry in Motion Pictures
    Mar 5, 2020, 7:18am PST
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