Won't be back next season without major changes

@user36bd72 · Sleestak
Oct 10, 2015, 7:52am PDT

I truly enjoyed last season....I researched, made spreadsheets, followed results multiple times a day during the weekend...it was fun.

This season...not so much. I have gotten to the point where I almost randomly pick movies just to have a lineup.

The columns posted every week pretty much tell people what lineups to pick...and they pick them. 9 of the top 10 overall leaders have chosen one of the 4 recommended lineups.

In the league I play in of top 20 finishers from last season, almost all of them have 1 of the 4 recommended lineups.

I appreciate the work done on this game and I appreciate the work FML Nerd has put into his analysis and his comparator.....but this game has now come down to....pick one of four lineups....not fill my 8 screens with what "I" think will do well.

Might as well say, pick a number between 1 and 4.....and we will draw....if you guessed right, you get a bajillion fake dollars...if you guess wrong, you get ALMOST a bajillion fake dollars.

I really feel like this game needs to do something to become way less predictable and rely more on gut feel than it does on boxing ice.com estimates and a computer program that tells you EXACTLY how to maximize your screens.

My suggestion would be to get your dollars based on how well above or below the movies do against their estimates. THAT would require YOU to pick based on how well the estimate was made. That would be more like picking against the spread in sports rather than just picking which team will win the game.

Anyway...sorry for the rant...but I hope they do something to save this game from itself.

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    The top 100 players have 41 different lineups.

    @user2lvdr3 · Butters
    Oct 10, 2015, 8:00am PDT
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    I don't feel that the FML Nerd's calculator is the problem. The problem is when you fill it out for everyone and then post it for everyone to see it. Many times it been wrong( cough Everest). But at least leave the leg work to masses to fill out. Make them put they own predictions in.

    @askdablkdude · " I know a guy who know a guy" (KOTRT)
    Oct 10, 2015, 8:01am PDT
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    This past week he said go with 8- Sicario. Tell me how that workin out for everyone. Like I said, " It a differents between knowing the path and taking the path!"

    @askdablkdude · " I know a guy who know a guy" (KOTRT)
    Oct 10, 2015, 8:16am PDT
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    Good riddance.

    @user63z5j3 · allenterwilliger's Cineplex
    Oct 10, 2015, 8:19am PDT
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    I love "good riddance". God bless the Internet. If you disagree with someone, attack the person rather than intelligently sate your case. You might want to change your name to "Donald Trump's Cineplex"

    And he did not say go with 8 Sicario's. That was simply the first lineup in the article. And I believe he said it was a risky pick. The rest of the scenarios were all 1 Martian and some combination involving multiple Selections of 3 movies....those were the ones chosen.

    @user36bd72 · Sleestak
    Oct 10, 2015, 8:25am PDT
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    I dont support OP at all. There is plenty of varience and room to work and plentyof people have gotten burned so far this year. If you dont play fantasy sports this can be a hard concept to grasp. Fantasy sports are usually right when they put their estimates. Usually. Not totally. Fantasy daily ites are making huge money right now it this same model. You cant tell me a week where only a few hundred tickets determines the bonus is dull and easily forecastable.

    Also dont be a movie hipster. If you want to pick different picks from the popular ones just to be a secret guru youre going to get burned.

    @user2l5r58 · Pat's Baderwood Theatre
    Oct 10, 2015, 8:27am PDT
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    You're right. He did say that it is the riskier move. But how often do someone( like I just done) look at the pictures and not read the article?

    @askdablkdude · " I know a guy who know a guy" (KOTRT)
    Oct 10, 2015, 8:34am PDT
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    I don't think you can assume how much the fmlnerd's article is effecting the line up. He is just one person making one suggestion. I used his tool but didn't read the article, and I came up with 2 of his 4 recommended groupings on my own, before deciding to go with sicario x8. I didn't even look at the article until after screens had locked on Friday.

    @user365j72 · Mara's Midnight Movie Madness
    Oct 10, 2015, 8:59am PDT
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    I for on like the tool, I never use his numbers... I pick and finalize MY choices before his analysis is posted. just cause they put it on the site for all to see.. that's NO DIFFERENT then people googling it and choosing what other "experts" pick. the others "experts" just don't put it in a handy dandy easy to use FML format, but they also do all the work for you. predictions are just that, predictions, let the masses fallow FMLnerd.. as I said I pick before his article comes out with my research and when the article come out, I see his choices.. if mine is in there it qualifies my choice, if not I wonder, am I wrong, or do I know something he doesn't. end of this all over the place post is this.. you wait and post with FMLnerds analysis and win top theatre, good for you, you do it before the masses listen to him, you win a movie pass :P I mean all the camparitor is , is just that a spread sheet that sorts. but you choose where you get your numbers.. FMLnerds, BO.com, the magic fairy down the street... the last one steers me to choose 5 MI last week :P regardless... all analysis and prediction is the same.. and if you want to follow it, then that's on you, and if you wanna complain about it, well sorry even if they cancel his feature, it will still be there on any number of sites you can google. so you did what, nothing but whined.

    @supertv · SuperTV
    Oct 10, 2015, 9:01am PDT
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    I think it would be more interesting if you had to pick on realistic choices for a real movie theater. No way would you put 8 or 7 midline movies into your theater and expect it to fill up the screens all weekend. 2 maybe three screens based on the movie, but otherwise people are going to go to another local theater. This is fun, but I think the other would be more challenging. And I do agree the Bonus does make it that you end up trying to get the bonus not necessarily what the best movies are.

    @user45a5m9 · KzooPenny's Cineplex
    Oct 10, 2015, 9:36am PDT
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