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The MEGATHREAD is a handy index of links for the many useful threads in the FML main chatter. Feel free to add links to any threads you like in the comments and I'll add them at the top when I have time. Apparently there's a holiday or something this weekend that makes the box office act funny. Hope you like dailies math, ‘cause you're gonna need it. TL;DRs remain internal-use only, please ignore.


TL;DR - 6-day estimates so be sure to recompute the 4-day. Or, you know, just multiply by 2/3rds and pray for the best.

TL;DR - A little higher than Variety on most films. Deadline seems to like Why Him.

TL;DR - Good stuff here, actual 4 day predictions, check it out.

TL;DR - Nice clean 4-day numbers.

----(Semi) WEEKLY THREADS----

Metatron's Musings
TL;DR - Passengers all the way. Others disagree.

M37's SKYNET Week 3 Review Thread
TL;DR - Good analysis of last week's numbers.

Hateful N8's 4 BP Options Thread
TL;DR - Seems like this might be a regular thing. N8 is high on Moana, LLL, Passengers, and Beasts. Others disagree.

TL;DR - Why Him won't be BP and probably won't be in the PC. Others disagree.

STEVE's Spit Take
TL;DR - Assassin's Creed is a no-go. Others disagree.

Hedging with Henry
TL;DR - Henry thinks hedging is good. Others disagree.

Furiosa's Piece de Resistance
TL;DR - A summary of The Resistance's thoughts on the week.

Phil's Fandango Check
TL;DR - It's a holdover bloodbath.


Sparty's FML Variables thread
TL;DR - A good summary of why this week is effing hard. Comments are mostly just trash talk.


Monday Night Competition

Prediction Competition

$0 Cineplex Competition

Guess the closest to the #1 Cineplex - Week 4 of Awards 2016/2017 Season

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    Reserving the top comment for time- and/or space-travel purposes only.

    @backseatdirecting · BackseatDirecting
    Dec 20, 2016, 2:18pm PST
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    @anepicmoviereviewer · Anepicmoviereviewer Cineplex (R)
    Dec 20, 2016, 3:02pm PST
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    Lol at the variables thread being included!

    @sparty · Sparty®
    Dec 20, 2016, 3:06pm PST
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    Hmm - well, the two threads that are already pinned should really stay that way (if you're an active Chatterer then you've long been aware of it, but it's good for more casual players). And, given the design we have right now, three pinned threads is really a lot, and I'm reluctant to do that. May I suggest an active, bump-y conversation on the Megathread this week to keep it prominent?

    @fmlqa · FML Quality Assurance
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    I'll get my men on this. ALL WINGS REPORT IN

    @furiosa · Sir Julius
    Dec 20, 2016, 3:08pm PST
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    Red Ten standing by.

    @backseatdirecting · BackseatDirecting
    Dec 20, 2016, 3:14pm PST
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    Red Seven standing by.

    @darkroom · The Darkroom ®
    Dec 20, 2016, 4:33pm PST
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    Red Four standing by.

    @anepicmoviereviewer · Anepicmoviereviewer Cineplex (R)
    Dec 20, 2016, 4:48pm PST
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    Blue Q... um... reeeeeeeealy lost.

    @vick · The Mexalorian
    Dec 20, 2016, 4:57pm PST
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    Red Fox standing by.

    @waco_kid · The Waco Kidplex
    Dec 20, 2016, 5:58pm PST
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