Fall Week 7 Bonus Bar

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Oct 11, 2016, 9:43am PDT

Pinch-hitting for CCR this week at his request.

Let's set the bonus bar this week at a WOW THAT'S LOW $55k.

New Releases

The Accountant - $20.1M

That doesn't seem very high, does it? This seems like the obvious comp here...


Same weekend, same theater count, same star, same sort of subject matter. Prior to winning the Oscar for Best Picture, Argo always felt like a tough sell to me. It's a hard movie to explain in a trailer. The Accountant is... also not too easy to explain. Acct is going to be a tricky one, b/c it does have that Gone Girl mystery vibe and upside ($37M)... as long as it reviews well. I don't see anything having the ceiling something like Acct has, so I wouldn't blame anyone for punting this week, taking Acct x2, and just waiting for November when the real bucks start rolling in.

Kevin Hart: What Now? - $15.7M

What Now indeed. This is Hart's third foray into a stand-up movie. The first two did gangbusters on a PTA basis…


Now, I somehow doubt in 2500 theaters that Hart gets a $10k+ PTA, but he only needs about $6k to make the 3x play worth it. Really not a lot to comp to here, so this is a gut call.

Max Steel - $4.7M

A movie releasing in October in under 2500 theaters based on an obscure toy property? Why does this sound familiar?!


Priceless - $1.9M

Your guess is as good as mine here. No reviews yet, but every bit of research I've done suggests it's going to play to the Christian crowd. Here's your "I don't feel great about this one" comp…


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