Outbreak is SO 90s!

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I know there isn't much reason to come to Chatter right now, but I think members of FML should try and keep Chatter active to help support FML who could no doubt use the ad revenue from visits. So I'm going to do my part by posting links to my blog posts in this thread during the pausing of FML.

Primarily for the next while I'll be posting lookbacks to films from the 90s in fairly short, mostly humourous little reviews. Most should only take a few minutes to read. So help FML by checking this thread every day and help Ingy by just reading. I don't make anything off the site. I'm just looking to entertain. Who knows, maybe you'll want to revisit some childhood classics because of these! If anyone else in FML land does youtube or writes a blog or does something that you can direct traffic to from FML, you should do it. The game has been good to us for five years.

Outbreak is SO 90s #1 - The Net (1995)

Outbreak is SO 90s #2 - BASEketball (1998)

Outbreak is SO 90s #3 - The Saint (1996)

Outbreak is SO 90s #4 - Big Daddy (1999)

And if you're looking for some good films you may not have seen or even heard of, check out my series on 50 Hidden Gems of the last decade. The list gets more obscure as it goes. Have you seen any of the top 10? I made a thread for these, but it's surely buried now. Most of us have plenty of time on our hands...why not watch some great films you've never seen?

Hidden Gems of the Decade #1

Hidden Gems of the Decade #2

Hidden Gems of the Decade #3

Hidden Gems of the Decade #4

Hidden Gems of the Decade #5

Hidden Gems of the Decade #6

I am also ranking every single South Park episode as well. I'm not going to individually link every article (I think I've posted a dozen or so now), but they can all be accessed through the Master List if you want to read my thoughts one each episode thus far, or if you just want to see the rankings now that I'm a third done, you can do that too.

South Park Ranked - Master List

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    Thanks for the Bean review. That was one of the more entertaining reads I've had in a while and it's oddly on point.

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    Jul 15, 2020, 4:38pm PDT
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