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Jan 14, 2020, 5:42am PSTEdited

Hi all!

I am not sure if you heard, but the 2020 Oscar nominations were announced yesterday.

There have been a lot of opinions about this:

Whether or not you agree with the nominations, you can still put money on them. This is the fifth time I've hosted an Oscar pool, and I was hoping to get some fresh FML blood to put into it. The pool is setup through Run Your Pool and they make it really easy to make your picks and tweak them until the last possible minute.

This year the show is on Sunday, February 9th at 8P ET. Every category is worth one point except best picture and everyone's favorite category, sound mixing, which are both worth two. Buy in is $20, and last year the pot was $500, let's see how big it can get this year! If it is substantially above $500 this year, there will be rewards for runner up, amounts TBD.

To play, you need to go through Run Your Pool. You'll be able to login and pick your nominees whenever you would like. You'll have till 8p ET on Sunday, February 9th to get me the money, and to make your picks. Anyone who hasn't paid up by the time the show starts will be disqualified.

Run Your Pool is only for signing up and making your picks. You must pay me separately.

I accept:
-Venmo (@Ben-Gamer)
-PayPal (

Please go to the following link to sign up and fill out the form:

If you can think of anyone else who might be interested in playing, please feel free to send them this info!

Good luck and hope to see you in the pool!

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    I'm bumping this. I know a lot of people are doing pools on here, but our pot is now at over $400 and growing! Join if you want to make the big bucks, just make sure to get me the money before the show starts tomorrow.

    @genaros_bear · The Ta(R)digrex
    Feb 8, 2020, 4:59am PST
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