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Dec 4, 2019, 8:07am PSTEdited


Hey guys, we made it through another long season. This one came down to the wire in baseball with @reb and @snoop heading into the final week tied in the lead. Both made it through their nine movies with only two outs but Reb was able to score one more run thanks to a triple and double at the top of the lineup. This means our Fall champion by one run is REB! Here are the final standings:

1: REB - 90
2: Snoop D-O-Double G - 89
3: @plexy - 86
4: @bbgg - 82
5: @bdc - 79

Here are a few stats that affect the Olympic points for baseball. There were three grand slams this season: two by BDC and one by BBGG. Only two players hit into a triple play that counted for all three outs: Seanshank and AvalonPC. @bbgg batted through the lineup seven times, just ahead of Plexy, Dubs, Snoop and BDC with six.

Want to join in the fun this Awards season? Here is the link to the spreadsheet Click on the Legends/Signups tab to sign up in column G, then head to the 1st Inning Input tab and find your entry column to add your picks.

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    Congrats @reb, way to bring home the medal!! Nice job

    @havinfun · Dubs®
    Dec 4, 2019, 8:54am PST
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