Show Those......Yawn....Sleepy Screens!!!!

@nosferatus_shadow · ... _ _ _ _._. _._
Nov 8, 2019, 9:08am PST

Apologies for missing last week......clearly everyone noticed 😁. I was in a rush and did not have time.....

But....enough about last week!!!!

Based on my experience in the UK on wednesday....when only 4 people were in the cinema for a half price showing of Doctor Sleep.....I was cautious about it this week...

....nothing like a bit of anecdotal information to inform your line-up.....

But....for no still made it's way into my line-up as anchor. Jojo rabbit meanwhile was leading the BP charge.

Christmas was also finding its way in as a second anchor....

Then....the underwhelming previews started to creep in.

Sleep I revised down to sub 20.....which meant it was out as an anchor....

Christmas looks like it is a cold mess......

So that left midway with a pretty decent anchor.......take into account Veterans weekend....and it could vie for BP.

So while I considered a Midway/Jojo line-up....

After checking checking my numbers with a few people I went for a Midway Bp anchor.

And thus I found myself on a 4/1/3 of Midway/Zombie/Brooklyn.

I still eye a number of medium/low fillers that could steal.....Jojo, Zombie, Brooklyn....

So, over to you....

without further ado...

Show Those Screens!!!

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    Same as OP, but I was pretty confident in a Zombieland BP for most of the week. That preview number was just enough to sway me.

    @arachnidmale · Andy's XXX Sexyplex Film Emporium
    Nov 8, 2019, 9:09am PSTEdited
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    I was on last Christmas train too until that preview number. I went 4-1-3 too

    @user3n9dr4 · cdelgado6's Cineplex
    Nov 8, 2019, 9:10am PST
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    Same. I am 178 in SS right now and there are only 46 people ahead of me that don't have the consensus lineup, and I would probably move past less than half of those if this becomes the PC. Not a moving week barring some surprises...

    @genaros_bear · The Ta(R)digrex
    Nov 8, 2019, 9:12am PST
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    Same. 4-1-3, which was also my Monday night lineup, until I changed yesterday for a Zombieland heavy lineup. Then back to my original lineup after Thursday's numbers.

    @thebige · TheBigE
    Nov 8, 2019, 9:13am PST
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    4/1/3 here also.

    You've got 2 shots at BP, with Midway at the top, and Motherless Brooklyn at the bottom.

    I also thought about Jo-Jo Rabbit, and tried to find a way for it to beat out Zombieland straight up, but in order to do so, then it would become a BP frontrunner. And, if that happened, would be a 3/5 combo, and I didn't want to lose that 4th screen of Midway.

    Tiebreaker: I never thought I'd be considering a sub $20 mil weekend for Dr Sleep, but here we are. That $1.5 mil Thursday preview should mean a weekend that doesn't reach $20 mil. And, I'm assuming that the $1.5 mil Thursday did NOT include the special October 30th screenings, because if it did, then we're talking mid teens for an opening weekend!

    @bswhite · BSwhite 1970's Discoplex
    Nov 8, 2019, 9:37am PST
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    4/1/3 of Midway/Zombie/Brooklyn for me. Didn't look like any other way to go plus covers 2 BP candidate's 🤞

    @old_crow · The Old Crow Picture Show
    Nov 8, 2019, 9:59am PST
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    95% of the big dogs have the same lineup. Remember back in the old days when a hand full of players would have the same lineup... I don't know if it good or bad for the game.

    @redfish · Spawnout
    Nov 8, 2019, 10:15am PST
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    1x Sleep
    1x Christmas
    6x Rabbit
    I wanted to get max JoJo Rabbit.

    @usermg3d · mg3d
    Nov 8, 2019, 11:31am PSTEdited
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    95% of the big dogs have the same lineup. Remember back in the old days when a hand full of players would have the same lineup... I don't know if it good or bad for the game.

    They could change the deadline to 5pm thursday, at least that would take thursday previews out of the mix which would result in more variety.

    @j_to_the_mc · J to the MC's Cineplex
    Nov 8, 2019, 11:44am PST
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    I have the same as the consensus.

    @mikescott85 · mikescott4485's Cineplex
    Nov 8, 2019, 11:47am PST
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