Bets With the Devil -- Summer Recap & Announcement!

@devil · Devil
Sep 5, 2019, 8:56pm PDT

Welcome one, welcome all! I'm Devil, recapping the many, many bets we've had this over the course of the Summer. Luckily for those who bet, these bets were not for souls (how uncivilized) but $5 per bet! To start us off, let's give another huge congratulations to Biff, who won the Devil Slayer title after a tough battle with other professional bettor AP. Let's run down some of our top players in this sort-of-side-game!

Most Wins (for the Devil Slayer title!)

  • Biff - 18
  • AP - 13
  • Nux - 12
  • Dubs - 12
  • STEVE - 11

Biggest Bettors (ignoring Devil, who had 367)

  • Biff - 36
  • AP - 32
  • Dubs - 31
  • Nux - 29
  • STEVE - 28
  • Jakthird - 27

Most Weeks Played (out of 13 total in the season)

  • Biff, Jakthird, Dubs, and STEVE - 12
  • Furiosa and Stark - 11
  • AP - 10
  • RFF and JustJeff - 9

Check out all of the players' final stats for Summer at ! Giant thanks to everyone who bet this season.

And onto the announcement: Starting this Summer, I will be offering the chance to any passionate and interested player to run Bets With The Devil for a week! It's a lot of work for me personally to run Bets every week, so I will begin running Bets every other week in Fall, and have "guest hosts" fill in every week where I'm out. There will not be Bets this weekend (because of an annoying and unexpected development leaving me with no computer for the majority of the day tomorrow) but I'll be back with Bets week 2 of the season and, hopefully, an eager guest host in week 3.

So Devil, how do I host Bets for a week? That part's easy. PM me on discord saying you're interested, and leave a message here about it if you'd like. If you're up for the task, I'll slot you in for a week in Fall after we have a discussion on Discord!

As a player, will anything fundamentally change about Bets? Nope, it will still be simple bets with $5 stakes posted after lock every Friday, unless clearly stated otherwise in the specific weekly threads.

I hope that this program can allow me to take the breaks that I've needed from the weekly grind while also not impacting player experience. I also hope that this can inject more personality into these threads each week, and give players who love Bets the chance to see it from my point of view. More info on the schedule and shaking out all the rules will be available Week 2 of Fall after lock Friday, when Bets returns. See ya then!

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    Very cool thread Devil 👌👌👌. Bets is the best post each week, my team of 17 MIT graduates and 8 computer networks factually proved it with no bias. Bump for a dead mid-week day.

    @emperor · Emperor Devil
    Sep 10, 2019, 7:37pm PDT
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    ^^ that's kinda funny ^^

    @penny · Not Penny's Boat
    Sep 10, 2019, 8:32pm PDT
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    And scary at the same time

    @william_fn_wallace · The Governo(R)
    Sep 11, 2019, 9:29am PDT
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