Prediction Competition - Summer 2019 Week 11

@dylan · Biff
Aug 14, 2019, 2:34pm PDT

Prediction Competition - Summer 2019 Week 11

News item! Thanks to @katnisscinnaplex, the Closest Guess per film metric has been added as a permanent fixture to each weekly sheet. This will allow us to store this data going forward, whereas previously, it basically was gone once the week was. Thank you to Katniss for doing this!

As you know, this is the game where he told he we "strive to be better than the pros we seem to follow for some reason." Mission accomplished long ago (for a vast majority of the players). Let's dream a little bigger darling...

To compete each week, just post your prediction to the 15 movies on FML's slate to the spreadsheet linked here, the form linked here, or on this thread. If you want to wait until after the lineup lock deadline to post your estimates because you don't want to reveal anything, go ahead, just make sure to have them up by Friday 11:00 AM PST. It's never too late to join!


Also of note: Movies are listed by PRICE, so be careful when entering in your estimates if the movies cost the same. Don't forget to enter if you don't see your name.

Week 10 Recap: FMLers carded an 83.08 average score across all 15 films (LW: 89.69). Brian Banks was the best-predicted film with a 99.96 average (wow!) and The Kitchen (55.19) edged Lad (55.31) for worst.

For the season, BOP has overtaken Mojo for the lead among the "pros" with a rank of 31st. Mojo 32nd, BOR 33rd. That's as much detail as I'm willing to give them any further.

@devil was the big winner for Week 10, as the only player with a score over 90. ValhallaPlex took 2nd with 89.12. For the season, @clever continues to uncomfortably nip at my heels (she overtook me at one point over the weekend, so perhaps it's only a matter of time). Devil's big week and general hot streak as of late have propelled him up to 3rd, and with just 3 weeks left, it doesn't seem as though anyone but these three will take the title, barring either complete choke jobs and/or herculean efforts from someone lower.

OVERALL (120 films)
Name Total Rank
biff 91.203 1
Clever 91.150 2
Devil 90.687 3
FML Avg 90.319 4
DDuck 90.189 5

NEW RELEASE (23 films)
Name New Release Rank
Clever 93.00 1
biff 92.93 2
SCV 92.14 3
Blinkh87 92.04 4
DDuck 91.83 5

HOLDOVERS (93 films)
Name Holdover Score Rank
biff 91.05 1
Clever 90.96 2
Devil 90.66 3
FLOPS 90.49 4
BBGG 90.39 5

EXPANSIONS (4 films)
Name Expansion Score Rank
Exxdee 90.20 1
Katniss Cinnaplex 89.43 2
Ser Bastian 88.96 3
Furiosa 86.78 4
Mega_Plex 86.69 5

Good luck!

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