Bonus Bar and Contenders - Summer - Week 11 - 2019

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Aug 13, 2019, 9:46am PDT

Hey everyone, Guyett back with the Bonus Bar for week 11 of Summer 2019!

Bar is up to $72.5k

So we have another five new releases this week, one of which opens today (Angry Birds 2) and another which will have no Thursday previews (Blinded by the Light). Last weeks new releases may see showtime cuts (especially for the likes of The Kitchen and Brian Banks) but are unlikely to see theatre cuts. This means all week 3 and older are looking at rather sizable volume loss to ensure enough room is made for the new releases. I'm not sure when the last time that we had TEN new releases in two weeks but this should give you a reasonable idea of what's to come for the older holdovers.
This week saw eight week 1 and 2 releases instead of our ten, and some of out holdovers are in better shape than the likes of 2 Guns, Smurfs 2 and Wolverine. It's also worth pointing out that even though there were massive cuts a lot held their PTA impressively, this should be the case for a lot of our holdovers for this week too. Phil's Fandango check on Thursday should be fascinating.

47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED | $14.645m (New Release) | The highest priced film this week is the sequel to one of 2017's breakout films of the summer in 47 Meters Down. We've seen shark films do extremely well over the summer in recent years with The Shallows, 47 Meters Down and The Meg pulling in $16.8m, $11.2m and $45.4m respectively, and more recently Crawl opened to $12m. 47MD2's LRF dropped from $15m to $13m last weekend in the face of Scary Story's opening, which is one of the bigger question marks over the shark films break out potential, you have to be concerned that Scary ate too much into that hungry PG13 horror demographic.

Finally one for the fans of secret recipes, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged is being released by FML favourite Entertainment Studios, which has a knack for producing FML landmines like Hurricane Heist and Replicas, but also FML gems like Hostiles and Chappaquiddick. The recipe is that Entertainment Studios films that reach the slate alternate between BP candidates and WP candidates.

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 | $14.57m (New Release) | The Angry Birds sequel opens today and has somehow turned out to be an apparently good film with a Rotten Tomatoes critics score of 71%. LRF is $17m, down from an initial $19m, and if it hits that you're almost certainly going to be anchoring with four AB2 screens. As it is opening early in the week we will have a good idea what way this going.

HOBBS AND SHAW | $12.62m (-50.07%) | With a current theatre count of 4,344 expect very large volume loss as theatre's jostle to make room for the new releases. H&S fell -58% last week (-53.5% when the Thurs preview is removed, and isn't seeing too much competition from the new releases outside of theatre real estate. Check out the 3rd week for these late summer action films but remember to account for the volume loss

GOOD BOYS | $12.40m (New Release) | R rated comedy has been hit and miss in Summer, for every Girls Trip and Bad Moms there are multiple The House, Rough Night, Happytime Murders, Spy Who Dumped Me and Stuber. We've seen Booksmart not quite land, at least on opening weekend earlier this summer but with good reviews coming in there's a great chance for Good Boys to be a Superbad for this generation.

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