THE LOCK IN LOOK IN July 11-13 2009

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Hey all haven't been writing much her for some time, but I figure I would bring my bad grammar horrible spelling and weird Canadian speak back to the Chatter.

I am not gonna be all dazzling with gifs and such just throw out some info for you to discuss or not. If this is already being done elsewhere let me know. I know it used to me done but I haven't been around so I have no clue... anyhow now on to how the movies faired this week.

The top 100 player have been surveyed (by me looking at them) and their results have been recorded the top 19 theartre picks are on the board.

31% - 3 Toy Story--2 Annabelle--2 Secret life Of Pets--Avengers
25% - 3 Toy Story--5 Midsommar
13% - Spider-Man--Toy Story--6 Avengers
8% - 3 Toy Story--5 Secret Life Of Pets
4% - 3 Toy Story--Annabelle--Midsommar--3 Secret Life Of Pets
4% - 3 Toy Story--Yesterday--2 Midsommar--2 Avengers
2% - 3 Toy Story--2 Aladdin--3 Avengers
1% - Spider-Man--Crawl--5 Secret Life Of Pets--Child Play
1% - Spider-Man--2 Yesterday--5 Midsommar
1% - 3 Toy Story--Aladdin--2 Midsommar--Secret Life Of Pets--Avengers
1% - 3 Toy Story--2 Annabelle--Midsommar--2 Rocketman
1% - Spider-Man--Toy Story--6 MIB: International
1% - Spider-Man--6 Anabelle--Rocketman
1% - Spider-Man--6 Anabelle--Avengers
1% - Spider-Man--6 Anabelle--MIB: International
1% - 3 Toy Story--Yesterday--Annabelle--3 Avengers
1% - 3 Toy Story--Anabelle--4 Sercret Life Of Pets
1% - 2 Toy Story--2 Yesterday--3 Aladdin--BLANK
1% - 3 Toy Story--3 Anabelle--MIB: International--Child Play

There they are the top 100 players of FML and their picks... Did you pick one of those lineups? are you confident with your picks? HUGE SHOUT OUT to Slim Jim who in 80th place had the guts to run a blank screen I like that kind of risky play. As for me... I am in the 13% pile but wishing now I went with Midsommar now that I see so many considered it. Honestly it wasn't even on my radar. Well good luck this weekend.

As Aways this is you friendly Canadian,
reminding you...
if you ever have a hand grenade chucked at you by a Newfoundlander, don't fret, pick it up pull the pin and lob it back.

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