Summer 2019 Hall of Kings & Queens

@the_hersh · KOTRT14
Jun 8, 2019, 10:25am PDTEdited

Whether its 5 days, 1 day, or just a few hours because of a late Saturday afternoon update, they are Kings and Queens.

I speak, of course, of that most coveted of positions, the Season Leader. Yes, the FML League is fun and offers cool prizes like...checks notes...a ripped DVD of the first cut of New Mutants but everyone knows the Season Showdown is where the real action is at. There's only one #1 and no matter how long that crown might rest on one's head, for that shining moment, they were the King or Queen of FML.

This post will be updated every Saturday, Sunday, and again with Actuals to honor those who stood above us all.

W1 Sat: SCV (@scv)
W1 Sun: Rubyplex (@rubyplex)
W1 Act: Damien rocks (@damienrocks)
W2 Sat: The Hersh (@the_hersh)
W2 Sun: The Hersh (@the_hersh)
W2 Act: AaroCO (@aaroco)
W3 Sat: BB (@bb)
W3 Sun: BB (@bb)
W3 Act: BB (@bb)
W4 Sat: Bing Again! (@nedryerson)
W4 Sun: BB (@bb) (2)
W4 Act: BB (@bb)
W5 Sat: Most Frequent (@most_frequent)
W5 Sun: 3rddegreeburns (@corinne)
W5 Act: 3rddegreeburns (@corinne)
W6 Sat: Most Frequent (@most_frequent) (2)
W6 Sun: Hersh's #1 fan (@most_frequent)
W6 Act: BSwhite FML's Last Apex Predator (@bswhite)
W7 Sat: BSwhite FML's Last Apex Predator (@bswhite)
W7 Sun: BSwhite FML's Last Apex Predator (@bswhite)
W7 Act: BSwhite FML's Last Apex Predator (@bswhite)
W8 Sat: SKYNET: The Rise of the Machines (@skynet)
W8 Sun: SKYNET: The Rise of the Machines (@skynet)
W8 Act: SKYNET: The Rise of the Machines (@skynet)
W9 Sat: SKYNET: The Rise of the Machines (@skynet)
W9 Sun: SKYNET: The Rise of the Machines (@skynet)
W9 Act: SKYNET: The Rise of the Machines (@skynet)
W10 Sat: SKYNET: The Rise of the Machines (@skynet)
W10 Sun: SKYNET: The Rise of the Machines (@skynet)
W10 Act: SKYNET: The Rise of the Machines (@skynet)
W11 Sat: House Harkonnen (@hh)
W11 Sun: House Harkonnen (@hh)
W11 Act: House Harkonnen (@hh)
W12 Sat: T.A.C.O. (@taco)
W12 Sun: T.A.C.O. (@taco)
W12 Act: T.A.C.O. (@taco)
W13 Sat: Illuminati (@illuminati)
W13 Sun: "The Alt" (@letsendtheweekendnow)
W13 Mon: Who Am I? Probably STEVE. (@stopseeinggoodboys)

Presenting you FML Summer 2019 chamion and the reigning ruler over all of FML...

W13 Act: T.A.C.O. 2 (@ithoughtitwasbane)

Previous Seasons:

Spring 2019:
Awards 2018/2019:
Fall 2018:

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    Summer has arrived in the Kingdom of FML. It's just getting started and I already feel like I'm taking a sauna in Satan's armpit.

    At least the halls are cool and shady.

    Summer brings with it the promise of underachieving blockbusters and plenty of kids fare. It's a time for high bonus bars and big swings and plenty of opportunities to ascend to the throne and acquire the crown. We've got 13 weeks of fierce play ahead of us and with this Saturday update, we have the inaugural leader of the season.

    By virtue of their tiebreaker estimate, the first name shall be forever engraved into the walls of the newly unveiled Summer wing of the Hall of Kings & Queens.

    All hail, SCV (@scv)! Long may they reign!

    @the_hersh · KOTRT14
    Jun 8, 2019, 10:26am PDTEdited
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    All hail SCV!

    @punk · Quite Daft
    Jun 8, 2019, 11:18am PDT
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    The crown shifts many times in the first few weeks of the season. It could be some time before we have steady rule. Short reigns will be the norm and this first week of the season, with 94 players having played the presumptive PC, will prove to be no different.

    But even a one-day reign upon the throne is worthy of praise and recognition.

    And thus, a new name shall be engraved into the walls of the Hall of Kings & Queens.

    We may not have them for long but for today they are ruler of all of FML.

    All hail, Rubyplex (@rubyplex)! Long may they reign!

    @the_hersh · KOTRT14
    Jun 9, 2019, 12:06pm PDT
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    *she ;)

    @penny · Not Penny's Boat
    Jun 9, 2019, 12:11pm PDT
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    This is going to be a tough week FMLers.

    I'll just post this now, and slowly back away........


    @bswhite · BSwhite 1970's Discoplex
    Jun 10, 2019, 1:40pm PDT
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    Deepest of apologies for the late update, dear citizens. The late actuals required late maintenance of the side game and then there was dinner and my cat's being a jerk. Anyway...heavy sigh...that's life and my duties will continue unabated if just a bit late.

    The Monday actuals give realization to a prophecy long foretold. The rise to power of a prince of darkness. Perhaps, the good will of the kingdom may inspire him to benevolent rule. Perhaps we are all royally screwed? The kingdom has weathered many a storm in the past and shall no doubt weather many more.

    This too shall pass. Or not. Time will tell.

    But for the next week, we have a king and we must bend the knee as we always do.

    All hail, Damien rocks (@damienrocks)! All hail the King!


    @the_hersh · KOTRT14
    Jun 10, 2019, 6:07pm PDTEdited
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    @damienrocks · Damien rocks
    Jun 10, 2019, 7:35pm PDT
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    I can't wait for this week's update.......


    @bswhite · BSwhite 1970's Discoplex
    Jun 15, 2019, 9:10am PDT
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    In this its fourth season, the completion of which will mark one full year of duty as your royal recordkeeper, the Hall of Kings & Queens has taught me one certain fact.

    Fame is fleeting. Leadership is hard. The crown wants to find a new head. It's in its nature. No man or woman should rest easy while they sit upon the throne.

    A new king rose to power today. A humble man with a long & storied history in the kingdom. He was here from day one. He plans to be here until his days or FML's days are over...whichever comes first. He smokes. So...fifty/fifty?

    But as certain as he knows that he would be worthy to lead this kingdom to a glory heretofore unseen throughout this Summer season, he also knows that for all in tents and porpoises, this is...a fluke. This wasn't some moonshot little-played PC that vaulted him to a $20mm lead other the rest of the field. 64 other people could just as easily lay claim to the crown. Tiebreakers have led him here and one of those other people are likely to seize power with Sunday estimates for the exact same reason.

    But he will sit proudly upon his throne. For one day. Appreciating the moment where he briefly achieved that which he long sought and that which he may never achieve again.

    He is your King! He is The Hersh (@the_hersh)! me.

    I'll do my best to make you all proud.



    @the_hersh · KOTRT14
    Jun 15, 2019, 9:36am PDT
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    @bswhite I can't wait for this week's update.......


    How everyone responds except Zman after the BSA is published each week

    @jakthird · jakthird (R)
    Jun 15, 2019, 9:38am PDT
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