Side Game HQ - Spring '19 Wk 12

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May 16, 2019, 8:59am PDT

Side Game HQ


Baseball (Katniss)


Entry Sheet & Standings:

Alternate Entry Form:


Budgetopoly (BB)


Form and Standings:


Deadline (Plexy)


Deadline this season is 3pm ET.

Form and Standings:


Hedging Comp (BB)


Form and Standings:


Power Ranks (Katniss)


For missed weeks I will use your Pred Comp numbers to calculate your ranks with a 50 point penalty. If you did not enter Pred Comp then you will receive the default penalty of worst score plus 1.



Pros Before OW's (BB)


Note - New season starting up and will run through June. New deadline is Fridays at 3 pm ET. Initial OW estimates now compared to actual OW gross instead of final LRF estimate.




Race to the Bottom (Adam "DC" Derelict)

Welcome to Race to the Bottom, where your goal is to create the LOWEST grossing cineplex. The rules are pretty simple: spend a minimum of $900 to try and create the lowest grossing cineplex bearing in mind the following bonuses/penalties (note that scoring has changed to keep the full season competitive for as long as possible):

Imperfect Cinema (lowest possible grossing line-up): -$5,000,000
Blank Screen: +$2,000,000
Worst Performer:

  • 1-3 Screens: -$2,000,000 for each screen
  • 4th Screen: -$1,500,000 Bonus
  • 5th Screen: -$1,000,000 Bonus
  • 6th Screen: -$500,000 Bonus
  • 7th and 8th Screen: No Bonus

Good luck!

Rules and Results:


Prediction Competition (Furiosa)

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    Budgetopoly update: using the BP ended up being a difficult task and @plexy was the only one to do it, getting him the best value of the week. However, it is @cinemarolls who still sits upon the value throne. 3 weeks left to go. Keep an eye on your budgets and remember the weekly cap is $2500.

    Standings Top Ten

    Billion Dollar Cineplex $2,002,159,500
    Chalmskinn $1,970,253,100
    Z $1,964,704,803
    Exxdee $1,923,032,212
    Jjb49ers $1,882,934,999
    FLOPS $1,872,312,027
    Katniss Cinnaplex $1,868,796,640
    Jenny Beavan $1,842,775,072
    BackseatDirecting $1,837,912,962
    BB $1,831,876,554

    @bb · Victim of Thanos' Accounting Team ◬
    May 16, 2019, 9:05am PDT
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    Hedging update: @brandonj dominated the hedge lineups this week while @plexy owned the BP picks by avoiding the $Tolkien landmine. They ended up sharing the weekly win.

    Hedge Standings
    "Particular Set
    of Movie Skills" $1,179,752,922
    Plexy $1,175,851,695
    Real Fake $1,174,048,618

    BP Standings

    Exxdee 558
    Plexy 557
    BB 551

    Points Standings

    Plexy 830
    Exxdee 820
    "Particular Set
    of Movie Skills" 810

    @bb · Victim of Thanos' Accounting Team ◬
    May 16, 2019, 9:13am PDT
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    Power Ranks Update

    It was a tough week in power ranks. We had the third highest best score and the fourth highest penalty of the season. Only 4 people were able to break 300 with La Llorona costing a lot of people over 100 points by itself. Here were the top five for week 11.

    @brandonj - 237
    @plexy - 269
    @blinkh87 - 295
    @guyett - 298
    @exxdee - 307

    Season Leaderboard

    @clever - 2647
    Average Rank - 2653
    @20thcentury_flops - 2659
    @sweep_the_leg - 2659
    @bb - 2739

    @katnisscinnaplex · K△tniss' Cinnaplex
    May 18, 2019, 5:36am PDT
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    Baseball Update

    Just like power ranks, baseball was tough last week too. @brandonj won the week with 10 runs just ahead of @katnisscinnaplex, @jjb49ers and @inigo at 8.

    Season Scoreboard

    @bb - 94
    @exxdee - 84
    @bdc - 84
    @brandonj - 77
    @fmldylan - 71

    @katnisscinnaplex · K△tniss' Cinnaplex
    May 18, 2019, 5:48am PDT
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