Theatre Count Prediction Competition Spring 2019 Week 4

@guyett · Guyett
Mar 20, 2019, 6:13am PDT

Tired of just predicting boring old estimates on both Friday and early on Wednesday? Why not try predicting the theatre counts of each film on the slate!
The scoring system will be the exact same as Furiosa's Prediction Competition.
The deadline for getting your estimates in is Thursday 8am Pacific Time (as in when the weeks Showtime Report is out).
This deadline may vary on weeks where the theatre counts are out early.

Last week was won by Exxdee with a score of 93.33. Exxdee also won the New Release category with a score of 94.60 and Chocoplex won the Holdover category with 93.46.

Week 3 Top Five:
FML Avg 94.21
Exxdee 93.50
Plexy 93.31
Katniss Cinnaplex 92.43
BBGG 91.49

Week 3 Top New Release Five
Plexy 97.70
Katniss Cinnaplex 97.30
Exxdee 97.22
Violet Moon 93.36
FML Avg 93.32

Week 3 Top Holdover Five
FML Avg 94.60
Exxdee 91.85
Plexy 91.36
BBGG 90.97
WacoKid 90.86

Top Five:
Exxdee 93.70
Plexy 93.38
FML Avg 92.12
Rockinthe607 92.01
Katniss Cinnaplex 91.37

Top New Release Five
Exxdee 96.65
Plexy 95.82
Katniss Cinnaplex 95.53
FML Avg 94.79
Rockinthe607 94.24

Top Holdover Five
Exxdee 92.97
Plexy 92.68
FML Avg 92.00
Rockinthe607 91.17
Katniss Cinnaplex 90.44

This weeks form:

Results Spreadsheet:

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