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@cuneo · Dances with Lineups
Dec 5, 2018, 3:07pm PSTEdited

Do you root for the underdog? Do you think giving a bonus to the movie that preforms the best is just the rich getting richer? Would you like a league where the poor movie that couldn't get out of the starting gate gets a little help? If you said no to these questions, join anyway. You might enjoy it or you might get to wow us with your amazing ability to pick out the worst in the crowd and benefit from them.

The Worst is First League is a simple league. There are only two deviations from the standard rules. One, the best performing movie does not get a bonus. And two, the worst performing movie gets a 3 million dollar bonus.

Click the link to join. Password is worstisfirst.

But wait, there's more! Are you thinking, hey I like the idea of the worst performer getting a bonus, but I still think the best performer should get a bonus too? Then I have just the thing for you. A second league for the same low low price of free!

The First & Worst League. It's the same rules as the Worst is First League, except the best performing movie gets the usual 2 million dollar bonus.

Click the link to join. Password is first&worst.

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