Sim Theaters Awards Season

@justjeff · JustJeff
Dec 4, 2018, 8:31am PST

Fall Season Recap: After leading the game for most of the season, I was finally able to pass @algoferoz in Week 12 and hold off both her and @ari and win the very first season of Sim Theaters. @plexy led the league in value, but left a whopping $5000 on the table and finished 8th. And Sequel Prequels and Reboots was the only player that managed to spend every single dollar he had, finishing 5th. But now it's time for Awards Season. For any new players that might want to join, just read the rules below and then click on the link to the Spreadsheet and enter your name and cineplex size on the player info sheet.

Each player chooses their cineplex's size for the season. Players can choose anywhere from 4-16 screens. That number is the number of movies that must be screened each week. It cannot be changed during the course of the season.

Each player has the same budget for the entire season and can spend as little or as much as they want each week. That budget is $20,000.

No movie may be screened on more than 4 screens, in order to offer your patrons some variety.

A blank screen may NEVER be played. Any player who cannot afford to fill their screens at any point during the season is deemed to have their cineplex gone into bankruptcy and automatically loses the season.

There are no bonuses.

Any player who chooses to play a movie that has been split by FML must play every day that it is available AND it only counts as being played on ONE of that player's screens.

If, by this game's lock time, a player has too few screens, that player will receive enough screens of the weekend's worst performer to make the cineplex correct. If a player has too many screens, the best performer(s) screened will be eliminated from the cineplex.

The player who accumulates the most box office dollars at the end of the season wins.

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    And to my returning players, your names are already in, but your cineplex size is not. Feel free to pick a different number of theaters if you want.

    @justjeff · JustJeff
    Dec 4, 2018, 8:39am PST
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    Bump for any new people interested in playing

    @justjeff · JustJeff
    Dec 6, 2018, 2:59pm PST
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    Giving this a bump and a recommendation - This is a really fun game, with the addition of the wrinkle of being able to pick how many screens you play for the season in your theatre. It's easy to play, but tricky to strategize properly for the full season. I hope more people join before the deadline today!

    @algoferoz · Rockinthe607's Awesomeplex △
    Dec 7, 2018, 7:17am PST
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