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@20thcentury_flops stays atop the 25-week rankings for the sixth week in a row and remains atop the 52-week rankings for the third week in a row!


Shout outs to Paranoid Android and Rahman's Cineplex for joining the 25-week ranks at 23rd and 31st!

  • What is this? After the first few seasons of FML, some of the most dedicated players worked together to create a multi-season measure of success. All-time raw dollars isn't a fair comparison because many of the best players missed the over-inflated $Pitch Perfect 2 earnings during the first week of FML's existence. And comparing a long-term player to a newer player doesn't work because of how the game has changed over the years. Using rolling 25-week and 52-week stats puts everyone on the same playing field.
  • How is PC% calculated? The idea behind PC% is to calculate how close your cineplex is to perfection. If you chose the Perfect Cineplex, then your PC% for the week is 100%. If you don't hit the PC, divide your cineplex earnings by the PC earnings without the $5m PC bonus included. For example, if your cineplex earned $90m, and the PC earned $105m with the PC bonus, then $90m / ($105m - $5m) = a PC% of 90%. To calculate your rolling 25-week PC%, calculate the average of your PC% over the past 25 weeks.
  • Why remove the Perfect Cineplex bonus from calculations? We wanted to focus on measuring prediction accuracy. On weeks with low totals, the PC bonus could account for more than 10% of Perfect Cineplex earnings. If we included the PC bonus, a person could miss the PC by $1 and immediately drop 10% in PC%. The majority agreed this drop wouldn't be a fair representation of their accuracy, and missing the PC on a low-earnings week would be more damaging to their PC% than missing the PC on a high-earnings week. But because there wasn't perfect agreement on this solution, the rolling PC% sheet also includes total box office earnings, earnings rankings, and PC counts for comparison.
  • Why is my name not on the list? To appear on the lists, you have to set an active lineup every week for the last 25 or 52 weeks and rank in the top 1,000 in PC%. If you forget to set your lineup and have an automatic carry-over cineplex, this does not count as an "active" lineup. Let me know if you should be on the list but aren't.
  • Which league do you use? Season Showdown. If you aren't in the Season Showdown league or didn't set an active cineplex there, then I use your actively set cineplex in The FML League. This way, people who don't play in Season Showdown are still included, but people who play in both can set crazy lineups in The FML League without their PC% being impacted.
  • What are the Rank Change numbers? The Rank Change column shows how much each person moved up or down the standings compared to the previous week. If a person didn't qualify for rolling rankings last week, I consider their previous rank to be 1001st when calculating Rank Change. So people making their first appearance on a list will have large positive numbers in the Rank Change column.
  • What are the PC% Added/Dropped columns? The PC% Added column shows each person's PC% for the latest week. The PC% Dropped column shows the PC% of the week that dropped out of the rolling calculations from last week to this week. So if PC% Added is high and PC% Dropped is low, then you'd expect the person to move up in the standings (unless lots of other people got the same boost). Conversely, if PC% Added is low and PC% Dropped is high, then the person will probably move down the rankings.
  • The Official FML standings/numbers are wrong. Are your numbers are wrong too? No. I run my calculations on my personal database and get my box office numbers directly from other sources, like https://pro.boxoffice.com/, http://www.boxofficemojo.com/, and https://www.the-numbers.com/. But if you find an error, please let me know, and I'll look into it.

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